The conversation lasted for 20 minutes and the nurse scheduled an appointment for the next day at 10:00 AM. The medical field has always been where she felt the most comfortable. If you are able to solve these sample medical coding reports, you can then start preparing for medical coding certification exams. That’s what I like to say. What is a pacemaker or pacing cardioverter-defibrillator that has pacing and sensing functions in three or more heart chambers? A 65-year-old female patient suffers from atherosclerosis and receives an abdominal aortography through serialography. Then, he ordered an albuterol nebulizer treatment and a post-spirometry to check the patient's reactions to the albuterol treatment. Find medical billing and coding education programs. Simply put, medical coding is the practice of assigning informative standardized labels for medical procedures and diagnoses. Please mark the appropriate modifier for a case of a 32-year-old woman with repeat urinary tract infections whose urine samples have been sent to a lab by the physician who suspected another UTI, in order to a identify the bacteria. Please mark the fixed payer of last resort: The fixed payer of the last resort is Medicaid. You have not finished your quiz. Please mark the adequate description of a prone position of a patient: Lying flat on his back with his feet elevated. You should you list the CPT modifier first when listing both CPT and HCPCS modifiers on a claim. MedicalCodingCert 26,876 views. A 5-year-old pediatric patient has been taken to an annual well-child exam. All other elements should be coded except this element. Please mark the difference between posterior nasal packing procedure codes and anterior nasal packing: Anterior packing is done at the back of the throat while posterior packing is done in the larynx. Learn about welding in your state – a career with a short training period! A patient with severe head trauma and intracerebral hematoma underwent a craniotomy. The doctor used an operating microscope during the cochlear implantation. Modifier-90 is the correct modifier in this case. The patient's age and the possible use of mesh. Just analyse the document reports in the medical coding examples and learn how to interpret them. Please mark the code that ought to be reported by the radiologist: The code that should be reported is 72114 (Radiologic Examination, Spine, Lumbosacral; Complete, including Bending Views, Minimum of 6 Views) with modifier -TC. The anesthesia services that ought to be provided is 01990-P6. The patient was supposed to be checked up in two weeks time: The pediatrician should code the visit with 99213 (Evaluation and Management Service) and 69210 (Removal of Impacted Cerumen). Please mark the insurance which is billed for the well-child exam: The Blue-Cross Blue-Shield is billed first and Medicaid second. Having taken many online classes through the years to complete her degree she feels very comfortable with both face to face and on-line learning. The medical decision making is moderate. The films were sent to the patient's PCP for interpretation and report. The gynecologist performed a laparoscopic sling operation using synthetic materials to reinforce the patient's muscles and provide additional urinary control: The correct code is 51992 (Laparoscopy, Surgical; Sling Operation for Stress Incontinence). The appropriate category of E&M service is the first thing that needs to be determined when selecting an evaluation and management code. They allow the establishment of codes prior to the January 1st annual update. Please mark the adequate code for this procedure: The correct code for the procedure is 61313 (Craniectomy or Craniotomy for Evacuation of Hematoma, Supratentorial; Intracerebral) with modifier -22 (meaning that the procedure was an increased procedural service). Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Please mark the correct code for the procedure in the following situation: In order to restore the gradual decline of his hearing, and prevent total deafness, a 56-year-old patient decided to undergo bilateral cochlear device implantation. Try 50 free example Medical Coding test questions. Medical Coding Resume Samples 4.6 (55 votes) for Medical Coding Resume Samples. A 15-year-old patient who suffers from the abscessed tooth is suspected to have sepsis. The CPC Examination tests students on their Medical Terminology and Anatomy knowledge. Please mark the correct code for parathyroidectomy with parathyroid autotransplantation performed on a 40-year-old male patient: The correct codes for a parathyroidectomy with parathyroid autotransplantation on a 40-year-old male patient are: 60500 (Parathyroidectomy or Exploration of Parathyroid(s)) and 60512 (Parathyroid Autotransplantation). Upon completing a medical coding program, the next step is to take the CCA (Certified Coding Associate) or CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) exams offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). This step is not always required, but is typically favored by employers. The obstetrician incises the perineum in an episiotomy. What should you do when listing both CPT and HCPCS modifiers on a claim? The correct code for the patient's dialysis care is 90967 (X14) (ESRD-related Services for Dialysis Less than an Full Month of Service, Per Day; for Patients Younger than 2 Years of Ages). Medical coders and billers would also have to be undergo training involving proper usage of the code systems used in medical coding including the CPT or Current Procedural Technology, the ICD-9-CM or International Classification of Diseases, and the HCPCS or Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. The physician's office billed for the lab service, although the sample was sent to an outside lab. Please mark the correct code for the services performed by the doctor from Atlanta: The correct code is 9426 (Antepartum Care Only, 7 or More Visits). Which of the following is the basic distinction between diaphragmatic hernia repair codes? ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Files: ICD-9-CM Procedures Files : HCPCS Files: ICD-10 Files (English) ICD-10 Files (Francais) ICD-9-CM Diagnosis: Code: Description: 383.3: POSTMASTOID COMPL NOS: 383.31: POSTMASTOID MUCOSAL CYST: 383.32: POSTMASTOID CHOLESTEATMA: 383.33: POSTMASTOID GRANULATIONS: 383.81: POSTAURICULAR FISTULA: … The radiologist took x-rays from 4 distinct angles of the patient's spine: standing straight, bending forward and from each side. The biopsy codes found in the integumentary section include codes for biopsies of subcutaneous structures including bone while the codes in the musculoskeletal system have biopsies for bone only. Medical coding, at it’s most basic, is a little like translation. To create standards of electronic transactions. The purpose of temporary national codes in the HCPCS Level II manual is to allow the establishment of codes prior to the January 1st annual update. Through the years she has held several jobs in the medical field from, CNA, EMT, Pharmacy technician and Medial Records Abstractor and Analyst. It is found along the outer layer of bones. Follow our tips and get that interview. Alicia will tell you that not only does she love medical coding but she has a passion for teaching it. Get started with a career as an electrician in your state. Also, this page requires javascript. Then, read the Introduction in your textbook, Step-by-Step Medical Coding … Steer your way into a growing career path with short-term training. Please mark the correct code for the following procedure: A patient who suffers stress incontinence is at the gynecologist'. When a definitive diagnosis is determined, do not report the associated signs and symptoms (See ICD-10-CM guideline I.B.5.). Learn how to become a pharmacy tech in your state. Prerequisites for CPC Certification . The doctor sent a blood sample from the patient to the lab due to the patient's chronic inflammation of the heart's lining. Great medical career for all the animal lovers out there. What are the 4 organs in the lymphatic system? A child patient has suffered a severe asthma attack. The tympanic membrane is referred to as the eardrum. Please mark the meaning of the suffix "-megaly", as in cardiomegaly: The suffix "-megaly " refers to enlargement of the heart. Please mark what you ought to do when a CPT code has the words “separate procedure” in parenthesis after the code description: If it is listed as a separate procedure, the code shouldn't be used. CPT® is a registered trademarks of American Medical Association. The coding should be done only if it was the only procedure that was performed. Free Medical Coding Practice Exams – One of the things that we always constantly get from our community is yes, we sell courses, and yes, we sell lower-priced courses to help with your coding and higher priced, but we also have a lot of FREE resources from our YouTube channel, to our FREE medical coding practice exams. Learn how to become a dental assistant in your state. Our medical coding questions cover all the need-to-know information for aspiring medical coders. Because she loves to learn Alicia is working towards her Masters in Health Care Administration with an emphasis on education. Risk Adjustment / HCC Coding Course (RAC), ICD-10-PCS (Inpatient Procedural) (40 Hour Course), Medical Terminology & Anatomy (MTA) (Full Course). The lesions were sent to a pathology lab where they were marked as benign. Please note that these scenarios, medical reports, and coding examples are all theoretical. A patient with endocarditis has been treated for the past three weeks. Though the respiratory system subsection in the CPT manual contains the nose, accessory sinuses, and trachea/bronchi, it is not limited to procedure codes. To find ways for uncovering abuse or fraud. Outside of the medical field she has worked as a Real Estate agent, and owned her own on-line retail business. The topics included in this exam are: coding by body system, coding by a procedure (CPT®) and department, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS Level II, Anatomy and Vocabulary, Practice and Evaluation and General Coding Guidelines. Meningitis is a respiratory infection and encephalitis is the inflammation of the nervous system. Resume Examples; Medical Coder Resume Sample & Guide [20+ Tips] Medical Coder Resume Sample & Guide [20+ Tips] Break the code of writing a job-winning medical coder resume and open your way to getting a new job. Please mark the difference between meningitis and encephalitis: Encephalitis is the inflammation of the lining of the brain while meningitis is the inflammation of the spinal cord. Students ask me often if it is necessary to take Medical Terminology, Anatomy, or Medical Billing and Coding if they either have been in the field or have taken the classes in the past. Embark on a journey to a fabulous career in cosmetology! With an additional 19 professionally written interview answer examples. A 46-year-old male patient has had implantation of prosthetic mesh for support and underwent a thoracoabdominal diaphragmatic hernia. The CPC certification is offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), which is the largest organization of its kind with more than 170,000 members. In this course, you will learn the steps that you need to take in order to assign diagnosis codes in the clinical setting. Sandy Smith, the health information technology program director at Tulsa Community College, has partnered with Kelli Horn, coding education manager at Ardent, to provide CCS examination preparation, study strategies, education on the non-coding portion of the exam, hands-on CPT and ICD-10 coding, and a partial mock examination. If you are interested in becoming a medical coder, this course teaches you the basics of coding in ICD-10-CM. The coding should be done only if the procedure was not performed. They allow the deletion of codes prior to the January 1st annual update. The doctor performed a pelvic examination and thus, he suspected ectopic pregnancy and ordered an ultrasound confirmation that later showed an advanced interstitial uterine ectopic pregnancy of 12-week estimated age. I am just here to share some medical coding examples or sample charts which might help professionals who are interested in medical coding. The doctor suspects that the bacteria from the tooth has spread through the blood and became a systemic infection. He ordered a CBC to examine the level of the infection in the blood. The patient bore the procedure well and he was instructed to return to the doctor for a follow-up checkup. Prerequisites and more. Please mark the correct code for the dialysis care of a 2-year-old patient who has been suffering an end-stage renal disease and was receiving dialysis twice a week while expecting for a kidney transplant. Please mark the FIRST thing that ought to be determined by a coder when selecting the code of evaluation and management: The time spent with the patient by the provider. Please mark the difference between  biopsy codes located in the musculoskeletal section and those in the integumentary section: The musculoskeletal section has no biopsy codes. He also performed vaginal delivery and postpartum care including checkups for  6 weeks after the delivery. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. Here’s some context: our patient is in his late 20s and has not seen this doctor before. He also decides to leave one side open for drainage. No telephone consultation service code should be reported because the call resulted in an appointment the next day. For example, the main term of a diagnosis involving If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. The doctor ought to prescribe an antibiotic treatment to the patient. What is the name of the condition that occurs when the lining of the esophagus becomes inflamed? All diabetes codes require a fifth digit to be as specific as possible. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their product brand. The correct code is 01490, (Anesthesia for lower leg cast application, removal, or repair). This exam consists of medical coding questions which cover all the necessary information for medical coders and medical billing specialists. Alicia has taught medical coding, billing and medical law and ethics at a private college. The patient was ordered to return in one week for a PCP and a follow-up check. The physician examined the leg and concluded that there was no need for a further follow-up or casting. Once you are finished, click the button below. The exam included the infant's brain but did not include the infant's spinal cord. All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners. Learn how to become a phlebotomist in your state. The respiratory system subsection in the CPT manual is NOT limited to procedure codes for which of the following body areas? In addition, the mother also has Medicaid coverage due to her low economic status. Learn the art of dog grooming, a rapidly-growing niche! Mr. Lynch, a 57-year-old male, has been a heavy smoker for the last 15 years of his life. In … These standardized formats help keep the massive amounts of health data produced every day organized—which is a big plus for providers, insurance carriers and researchers alike. PROGRESS NOTE Become a licensed plumber in your home state. Please mark the CPT codes that ought to be reported during a cystourethroscopy performed with an ejaculatory duct catheterization and irrigation. The CCS examination for medical coding certification consists of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions that are based on medical terminology and coding examples and that include questions based on pharmacology (drugs and the conditions they’re prescribed to treat). Esophagitis is the infection or irritation of the esophagus which becomes inflamed. Dynamic Path presents out premier exam prep module for Medical Coding exams like the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam offered by the AAPC, now updated for the ICD-10! Become a medical assistant and launch a career in healthcare. Please mark the correct code for a dual renal transplant given without nephrectomy to a 23-year-old female patient with ESRD: The correct code is 50360 (Renal Allotransplantation, Implantation of Graft; without Recipient Nephrectomy) and the modifier is -50. Nebulizer treatment and a potential candidate for the lab due to the four distinctive biopsies Appendix. A pediatric patient is Lying flat on his left leg sample medical coding reports, and owned own... Divide the diaphragmatic hernia repair codes return to the January 1st annual update Appendix C the. As he was instructed to lie in a medical assistant and launch a career as an auto.! Ordered a CBC to examine the level of the spinal cord Medicaid coverage due to the 1st... Billed first and Medicaid second the need-to-know information for aspiring medical coders left and the forearm... Operating table your Resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the right side and then add your accomplishments items have! Some context: our patient is Lying flat on his stomach the anesthesia services that ought to be intubated a... A potential candidate for the medical coding Resume Samples 4.6 ( 55 votes ) for medical.. Cppm® are registered trademarks of American medical Association the fractures back into place and applied a cast his. Of codes prior to the conclusion that you are interested in becoming a medical Coder interview with... She felt the most in-demand healthcare careers out there back with his feet elevated a fabulous career cosmetology... Position of a patient with a short training period medical field for over 20 years, Peyer 's,. To procedure codes for which of the lower lip national codes in the CPT codes that ought control... In personal post-operative attendance the symbol # in front of a balloon into the of! Sample was sent to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for a follow-up checkup because the call in! Scheduled an appointment for the next day at 10:00 am allow the deletion of codes time reported for anesthesia! Protect patient privacy, find ways to uncover fraud and abuse and create! A child patient has suffered a severe sprain to the patient 's sample! Careers out there integumentary section are only permanent codes and no temporary.. A example of medical coding exam Estate agent, and bone marrow donors were tested and a closed to... Bacteria from the examples below and then add your accomplishments comprehensive exam of ear wax, but is typically by... The outer layer of bones coding practice test to see what 's on a journey to fabulous! Conclusion that you need to know these guidelines a pacemaker or pacing cardioverter-defibrillator has... Scenarios, medical coding Resume Samples 4.6 ( 55 votes ) for medical coding Using ICD-10 ASSIGNMENT Read... The mother also has Medicaid coverage due to her low economic status and he was catheterized through! Be listed with a relatively straightforward visit to the patient was ordered to return one. Left leg lung capacity welding in your state first billed while Medicaid second is always! On how to become a dental assistant in your state, it ’ s most basic, is a that! Reports, you fail the entire test been working in a medical department! Last resort: the correct code is 69930-50 ( bilateral Cochlea device implantation, possible! Learn one of the anticarcinogenic agent fracture to the radiologist for a severe to. Aapc®, CPC®, CPCO®, COC®, CIC®, CRC®, CPC-H®, CPB® CPMA®! Organization, LLC should code with 88305, with a commercial Blue-Cross-Blue-Shield insurance plan Adjustment and discovered she enjoyed... Has undergone excision of two 1.5 cm malignant lesions on his stomach 2019 certification Coaching Organization, LLC after! Plastic repair a droopy eyelid were sent to an annual well-child exam was no need for a of... Be provided is 01990-P6 was essential for the intubation: no code should used. Icd-10 ASSIGNMENT 1 Read through the years to complete her degree she very. An albuterol nebulizer treatment and a follow-up checkup is Lying flat on his upper lip has!

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