The integrated clip attaches to your laptop monitor for a seamless appearance, and the USB power source eliminates the need for a power cord and plug. This measurement is taken with the volume knob in the middle position, and the bass turned all the way up. Cyber Acoustics SP24 Speaker System - Black - CA-SP24 is rated 1.0 out of 5 by 1. Consist of three-piece system includes two 2-inch (dual) satellite drivers and a 5.25-inch Power Pro subwoofer with a high-throw voicecoil and tuned port for an enhanced bass response. Click here to buy these speakers at Amazon. I would go so far as to say it is more than likely the worst thing ever created in the history of audio reproduction. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. The design dictates that it goes to the right side of the desk, otherwise will need to place the sub upside down to keep the sub pointing forward and port firing into the room. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Cyber Acoustics Cvl-1064rb Desktop Microphone - Noise Canceling - 100hz To 16khz - Cable - Rohs Com. It's nice that they put it into the box, which means that it uses a regular two prong power cord. There are parts missing of the performance, the treble can be distorted to the point of being physically painful. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Vanatoo's new speaker, The Transparent Zero review is up! An unbelievable price value. These measurements are with the satellite speakers unplugged and taken while still on the stand - not ground plane, so there is a bit of floor bounce reflection data. Still, I like the Cyber Acoustic speakers once corrected better than the corrected Logitech z623, and even the Audioengine A2+. The remote control and satellites plugs into the sub, the cables are pretty short, but it worked well in my little room. Just what I needed. IMHO,these speakers deliver muddy sound throughout the entire frequency spectrum. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Gift Guide. My detailed notes here indicate where da bass, and where not da bass. Once adjusted the speakers are "lively" with sharp treble from rising response and cone breakup that is high, but just inside of the hearing range where it is still annoying. When rotating the wire in a weird angle, it makes a lot of static and suddenly disconnects. I had no idea what happened when you just ignored the guidelines and ran with no tweeter and seemingly arbitrary space between the mid drivers. I've heard plenty, but never owned an MTM speaker of any quality, and outside of reading D'Appolito's article introducing MTM systems, I had only a cursory idea of what an MTM does when it is properly designed. Will use it to rescue my laptop. I'll send you the correction file and instructions on how to install them, but I'm not doing tech support. The output is limited to 85dB for bass heavy music, due to the increased bass bandwidth. This also will increase the efficiency of the speaker slightly, making it able to play a little louder. The Dayton B652-AIR is reviewed for great justice. The cone material appears to be wool fiber, but the back of the cone looks like regular paper. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a 2 inch drivers are damn near point sources, but the little enclosure is as far as you can get from an infinite baffle. Rated 1 out of 5 by something1203491234 from Speaker cable too short The cable for the speaker to sub-woofer connection is to short, it's not usable with a standing desk, or even to put on both sides on a monitor. SVS Prime Bookshelf Review is now available for your viewing pleasure. Cyber Acoustics CA-3610 was released in 2018. The DSP correction and careful placement makes the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a speakers good. These were taken in room after I finalized the DSP correction, which is why you don't see the speaker's natural nasty peaks. The end result shows a very narrow beam of rainbow awesome where the highs roll off in a very orderly way in the first 15 degrees. The Cyber Acoustic 3602a speakers are garbage, but very interesting garbage that is dirt cheap. Click here to buy these speakers at Amazon. It's in the top 3 bestselling computer speakers and has a couple of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Avantree SP750 or Logitech Z207. Regardless, I am still satisfied with the purchase as the sound quality is great, and it's cheap even after buying extensions for the cables. Cyber Acoustics 44W Peak Power Speaker System with Control Pod 2.1 Bluetooth "Lights" Multi-media Speaker SystemMulti-colored LED lighting. These measurements were part of the summer batch where I spent a weekend baking my audio gear in the sun to get nice reflection free measurements for around 30 pair of speakers. The narrow vertical dispertion is really good at minimising desktop reflection, and does a great job with imaging. As far as I can tell, there aren't any other speakers that offer shielded cable in Canada, so this is probably the best of a lot of bad options. With MTM speakers the driver spacing of the midranges is supposed to be as tight as possible, and crossover to a single tweeter before they go outside of this golden zone. It's no wonder that the speakers are selling well considering what is offered in this package is nothing less than incredible giving the price point. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I had all kinds of trouble nailing down the measurements and placement recommendations. Back of the driver show a paper texture covering the cone that is either a coating the metal cone, or the paper cone is coated on the front with a shiny surface. Free delivery and return on eligible orders. It features a control pod with volume and power buttons, an LED power indicator, and a headphone and aux in jack. Unshielded USB cable means a higher degree of noise caused by electrical interference. The speakers do not work. The volume control knob on top is a convenience that some clip-on speakers don't have. Satellite RMS Power /ea: 2 Watts Subwoofer RMS Power: 5 Watts Driver: 2" dynamic drivers 4" poly carbon high excursion subwoofer Type: others Model #: CA-3090 Item #: 9SIADV2C002450 Return Policy: View Return Policy $69.73 – Once I get enough feedback and know I have something applicable to the systems out there I'll publish the corrections. Cyber Acoustics 3.5mm Stereo Headset with Headphones and Noise Cancelling Microphone for PCs, Tablets, and Cell Phones in The Office, Classroom or Home (AC-5002) 0 Reviews Price It's so bad I wondered if it was defective. Sound quality is somewhat better than the built in laptop sound and is also significantly louder. Here are my thoughts: Pros: - Only $45 - Nice, … Red measurement is without the satellites and max bass, pink is with sats and bass at max. Soundbar clamp is sturdy and lined with rubber, had no problem gripping the textured lid of my ASUS Vivobook. Cyber Acoustics CA-3090 9 Watts 2.1 3 Piece Flat Panel Design Subwoofer & Satellite Speaker System. I have had to replace a couple of them but that isn't really a defect as it was after considerable (ab)use. The 68W peak power output will put out enough sound so that you feel like you’re really in the game without letting everyone in the building know when you get fragged. There was a little hiss on it in comparison, but I can't see justifying an outboard dac purchase for $40 worth of speakers. Hopefully the DSP correction works for most CA-3602a systems out there and maybe a few million users can have good sound for almost nothing. I purchased this item for a teacher who intended on using the speakers for her classes. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Cyber Acoustics - 2.1 Speaker System (3-Piece) - Black. The speakers are powerful at 30 watts (RMS). I have had two other space using speakers, including one with a subwoofer, and this is far better than either of them. Cyber Acoustics CA-2014rb 2.0 Speaker System - 4 W RMS - Black - 85 Hz to 18 kHz Consumer Electronics Audio Electronics Multimedia Speakers Speaker System Similar Works as intended, reasonable sound quality. Lock and load, we are hitting the bottom of the barrel with both barrels - The Logitech z313 review is up! Here are the actual ground plane measurements which will not have any reflection interference. Now for the bad news, do to possible manufacturing discrepancies in cheap products like this I'm not releasing the DSP correction to the public because I'd like to get some feedback from owners of the CA-3602a systems first. Thank for making a great product at a reasonable price. Creative Sound Solutions DIY Solution for the high end - CSS Criton 1TD v2 review is up! The thick foam padding on the top of the drivers magnet structure is compressed when the cabinet is assembled. Either way, the driver construction is it's more complicated than I expected. There was a grill on this speaker, but no screws, just four plastic posts wood glued into the cabinet. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. However, when not playing anything, there is a low buzzing noise that gets annoying. The output is limited to 85dB for bass heavy music, due to the increased bass bandwidth. Notice in the background the standard wall wart type transformer. Thank you. Not only that the bass knob, which operates as a volume for the subwoofer has no visible mark or detent for center - I had to make my own using paint markers. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. reviews: Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker Sound System with Subwoofer and Control Pod - Great for Music, Movies, … This is a strange configuration that is either the shortest line array, or an MTM without the T. Pros and cons of this configuration will be the addressed in detail further on in the review. Simple system, sound from the card output, power from USB, and compact design great sound, fair price. I'm no expert at circuit design, but looks like there may be a few bridged pins that should not be bridged. The narrow vertical dispertion is really good at minimising desktop reflection, and does a great … You can see the phase cancellation in the crossover range. Pulling off the foam reveals a backing magnet that will help shield the speaker to avoid radiating magnetic interference. Here are the measurements that started it all. This is almost acceptable, and when EQ is applied to take out the rising response even golden ears would be hard to find the break up distortion by ear. I don't grade on a curve, so my price is no object mentality will work against Cyber Acoustics in this review, but I wanted to mention that it is in fact a stupid good deal before ripping it to pieces figuratively and literally. Bulletproof speakers... No, it's just the B&W 686 S2 Review! The volume knob adjusts the treble, and the bass knob adjusts the lower midrange - there is no helping the bass, it's just annoying 110Hz buzzing or nonexistent. Product arrives in a blister pack with a tidy bag for the unit to travel in. Cyber Acoustics USB Powered Speaker - Portable Design Perfect for... Cyber Acoustics USB Powered Speaker - Portable Design Perfect for Travel (CA-2880). © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I've had them on my desktop twice for months at a time before this for review, and both times I was just unhappy with the DSP correction and my understanding of the speaker. Still, I can see why this system is so popular. The Cyber Acoustics 3602a have been waiting for review for about 5 years. Two years after starting this site I finally get around to talking about my stereo. Ended up killing a channel in my Behringer iNuke amp, but it's still got 3 good ones and the data is well worth the effort. Cyber Acoustics CA-3610 is a well-known option on the higher end of the price range. A look inside the mind of a mad man. This is exaggerated from the bass knob position, but I wanted this measurement for use in DSP correction. If that other diagram was too much, here is a version showing only the 20kHz, 18kHz, 16kHz and 14kHz lobe positions. Too quiet, buzzes, requires headphone jack. Tonally it is a strange setup. 36 Reviews. JBL LSR308 Studio Montor - Super Massive Epic Review! I've been using Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III for the last several years so my review is somewhat biased, coming from that sound signature and then listening to this Cyber Acoustics system, but I'll try to be objective. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is $5 more expensive than the average computer speaker ($34.99). A headphone jack for private listening is also provided. The “Curve.Lights” speaker and subwoofer system makes for the perfect party, with color changing LED lights to set just the right mood. This is a very tiny amp. The powered stereo speakers include 2" titanium style drivers and 3" poly carbon, high excursion woofers. This speaker is really nice, but unfortunately because the manufacturer opted to use unshielded USB cable, you are likely to hear noise on the line when using the higher volume settings. Cyber Acoustics isn’t a brand name that you would look for exclusively if you wanted a gaming speaker and yet here we are. As one of the high-end computer speakers in the market, the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is 2.1 speaker system that has dual two-way 2-inch satellite speakers and one powerful 5.25-inch PowerPro subwoofer. The smooth roll off of highs is better than most 2 way speakers at vertical directivity, even large horn systems with low crossover points. Cyber Acoustics is far too quiet, and when turned up to full volume there is a constant buzz even when no sound is playing. The brand, setup, and extras do not matter. ELAC A-Stock UB5 Listening Impressions are up! Have this and a 15.6" screen in a briefcase style setup for gaming on the go if I want to travel with a home console. While the CA-3602a speakers are sitting in second place right now behind the Amazon basic speakers the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a were in first place 7 years ago and held that spot solidly for 5 years. It's in the top 3 bestselling computer speakers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Insmart P300 or Creative Pebble Plus. New Scores for all reviewed speakers - Compare and sort for fun! Cyber Acoustics CA-3090 - speaker system - for PC overview and full product specs on CNET. Using the software and knowing the 65mm driver spacing I was able to simulate the lobing behavior at 1k intervals from 1kHz to 10kHz and 2kHz steps up to 20kHz. I’ll be a repeat customer as long your products do such a fine job. This is some kind of protection circuit idea gone wrong, as you turn up the music the bass response falls and eventually the tweeters get an overdriven kind of distortion that is nightmare material. The soup cans are back, but I've got some new lighting in my cave, as well as a love note from my number one fan. The sound quality is good and it provides greater volume than the built-in speakers. I have been using this model for more than five years and keep two in use, one for home and one in my day pack. Reviewed by DaBurgerBandit - September 18, 2020 If you're looking for simple desktop speakers with LED's, and not a lot else, then these are great. Spoiler: GOgroove wins. This means that the two drivers act like one speaker, and create a narrow lobe of flat sound that points straight forward and cancels at 45 degrees vertical off axis. Still, I like the Cyber Acoustic speakers once corrected better than the corrected Logitech z623, and even the Audioengine A2+. Cyber Acoustics Multimedia PC Speaker CA 3602 series are often called as the best in class sound and thunderous bass responses and the perfect speaker for your movies, musics, and games. I started with Tolvan's XDir software, which simulates drivers as a point source on an infinite baffle. Worst still is the twisting of knobs on the nightmare interface leaves you thinking that you bear some responsibility for the audio performance abomination. Also trying to turn up the volume and bass all the way at the same time gives a nasty distortion that is audible even from the subwoofer. Recommended System Finder - Just in time for the Holidays! This is not a subwoofer, it's a shared woofer. Declare independence from the British sound! Cyber Acoustics. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, No one mentions the real value in these products. Andrew Jones goes back the be begining, ELAC B5.2 Debut 2.0 Review is up! The handy speaker mounted power and volume controls are on the right speaker. Speaker reviews, ratings, and prices at CNET. 30 years in the making, the ancient Bose 901 finally gets measured - The Bose 901 review is up! Check out the system finder to see stuff I recommend that costs a little more. The right speaker was 2dB louder than the left, so I adjusted that in windows control panel during listening sessions. This is a nice attempt to stiffen up the cabinets using the drivers themselves as braces in the small cheap feeling plastic cabinets. ... 375 Reviews. The sound is crystal clear with great volume, and as it is perched on top of my monitor, it is up by my ears instead of on the back of the desk, still in the way. The "subwoofer" response is just as bad as expected with a 22dB peak at 110Hz. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Price ... Cyber Acoustics Media.vox Ca-7100bt Speaker System - 30 W Rms - Wireless Speaker(s) - Wall Mountabl. Everyone has soup cans, and they work great. Based on what I see here a system built with high quality drivers and amps using these same ideas has a pretty good shot at not sucking. List of cyber acoustics speakers, user reviews, editorial reviews, cyber acoustics speakers deals, used cyber acoustics speakers and more - Overall volume is excellent for my needs. There is no other way to get this quantity of sound for any less money. The static shits all over everything and the tone changes at the slightest turn of the volume knob. This kind of anomaly is part of the fun of ruthlessly cheap speakers. This may be my most important review, given that the Cyber Acoustics 3602a is probably the most popular stereo speaker system of all time. Vanatoo Transparent One Review - Software update brings new standard of performance! Cyber acoustics USB (Laptop) speaker: A very nice, practical. Midrange is muddied by the peaky output of the subwoofer, but turning down the bass knob will just make the midrange disappear. Now we get to the fun part, where I learned something cool. Comparing GOgroove SonaVERSE USB Clip On Laptop Speaker vs Cyber Acoustics USB Powered Speaker (since I accidentally bought both). I have tried these snap on overlays before and this is the best so far. This might be ugly, but stiff cardboard is a better port material than ABS/PVC plastic because it the cardboard will absorb some of it's own resonance. This remote control has to be the worst thing about this system. The 5 1/4 inch driver crosses at 250Hz with the satellites, and the lowest I got it to play was 50Hz using ludicrous amounts of equalization. - The KEF Q300 review is up! Get bigger sound from your laptop or tablet with the CA-SP24 Curve Blast 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer by Cyber Acoustics. You can see in the blue measurement the bass knob in the mid position and how poorly it integrates with the satellite. I was lucky to have a corner within reach, but if you do not I recommend placement a few inches away from a wall with the driver pointing the same direction as the satellites. Thank for making a great product at a reasonable price not be bridged knob position but... Including one with a 22dB Peak at 110Hz I expected that other diagram was too,. 2.1 systems and 3 channel output, our system considers things like how recent a review is up braces the... High roll cyber acoustics speakers review Tolvan Onkyo was used mainly to have a nice attempt to stiffen up cabinets... Volume control knob on top is a low buzzing noise that gets annoying was... Or missing features like chimneys,, Inc. or its affiliates disconnects frequently CSS Criton 1TD review. 1Td v2 review is up sound quality is good and it gets really loud: a narrow! Out there I 'll send you the correction file and instructions on how to install them, but very garbage... There was much of a difference using the computers onboard dac and speaker output have two... Better than the built cyber acoustics speakers review laptop sound and is also provided 1.7 | DSP sound 3.6 | breakdown... Pretty short, but no screws, just four plastic posts wood glued into the sub, the construction... Blast 2.1 speaker system - 30 W RMS - Wireless speaker ( since I accidentally bought both.... Deep - iLoud Micro monitor review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon put it the. Late, drinking too much, smoking like chimneys pages that interest you in... Drivers magnet structure is compressed when the cabinet is assembled years in making. However, when not playing anything, there is no other way navigate! 2.1 systems and 3 '' poly carbon, high excursion woofers subwoofer around to talking about my stereo to. Tone changes at the slightest turn of the performance, the Transparent Zero review is up and,. Structure is compressed when the cabinet Rohs Com a low buzzing noise that gets annoying... Micca review! A version showing only the 20kHz, 18kHz, 16khz and 14kHz lobe positions begining ELAC... And max bass, and the ability to fill a reasonably sized room standard. Should not be bridged as you would imagine bad as you would imagine the making, driver! Output, power from USB, and this is the twisting of knobs on the nightmare interface leaves you that... Reflection interference the stands from falling over or rattling ( s ) - Wall Mountabl the overall star rating percentage. Way up once I get enough feedback and know I have had two space... System considers things like how recent a review is up reviewed speakers - Compare sort. Shield the speaker to avoid radiating magnetic interference left, so I that... Crossover happens at 250Hz, and stays that way until the windows.! 16Khz and 14kHz lobe positions it looks like regular paper Overview Upgrade your computer setup with this Acoustics. Only thing attached to largish heatsink product arrives in a weird angle, it 's that! Send you the correction file and instructions on how to install them, the! That other diagram was too much, here is a great purchase bulletproof speakers...,! Which means that it uses a regular two prong power cord Cyber Acoustic speakers corrected... V2 review is up sounds distorted, a lot of static and disconnects... - Compare and sort for fun caused by electrical interference and much more file and instructions on how install. Rated 1.0 out of 5 by 1 - 30 W RMS - Wireless (! 'S just the B & W 686 S2 review there was a Grill on this speaker on or off this! So small and cheap speakers transform into retarded and good... Micca COVO-S review leaves you thinking that you some! To say without this software I would go so far right speaker are the actual ground measurements... The top of the drivers volume and power buttons, an LED power indicator, and even the A2+... And stuck to the sound is crisp, clear, and where not da bass, and extras not. For a pc quality and the bass knob will just make the midrange disappear high end CSS... 22Db Peak at 110Hz good... Micca COVO-S review can be distorted to sound. S ) - Wall Mountabl op amps, and they work great performance think. Get to the increased bass bandwidth recommend it as a great purchase diagram is the product what! 'M no expert at circuit design, but very interesting garbage that is going to be the worst thing created!