We see every sort of dog in our Board & Train program from goofy and outgoing to shy and timid to reactive or aggressive. Daily training in the real world around distractions. 1 large bag of Crazy Dog Train-Me treats (If you can't find the others or your dog doesn't like them) If your dog has an allergy, please get 2-3 bags (totaling 10-12 oz) of an uncommon protein source treat. Repeat Clients - 20% Off! - Haz Othman, CEO/Head Trainer. All dogs will receive monitored indoor and outdoor daycare for socialization, playtime and proper schedules for feeding and cleaning. Depending on the program, your pooch may work with one specific trainer during the entire boarding period. We guarantee our results! Our program is guaranteed to succeed! every dog is a unique individual Hunt, Live, Train. Currently, we are full and operating off a wait-list only. This will help concrete the training that your pet receives in the dog training sessions. Your dog will be trained by professionals and will be just as obedient for you once they leave our training facility. I cannot thank Amanda enough for the obedience my dogs have learned from her. Your dog will be trained by us and will listen to you. Proper Leash walking skills which includes loose leash heeling. Sunnidale as a facility is also excellent with really well designed spaces for all of the animals that are exceptionally clean and well cared for. Our walks now are such a pleasure!!! After the 30-day board and train program with her, he is mentally and physically stimulated as he should have always been. Karma Dog Training 21 Pet Training, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting. Within hours we had a different Dog! Board and Train ; Board and Train: Refresher Training; Dog Training Group Classes. During your dogs stay with us, their day starts at 7am, learning their “obedience” along with proper socialization skills, balance, and wor… I highly recommend one-to-one training, as its specific to your dog! One on one two-hour private training session to train you the owner. In a board and train program your dog stays with us for 15 days while our professional dog trainers teach them how to be well mannered and obedient. This means the boarding is cage-less. After our trainers finish this time frame working with your dog they will then work with you through private follow up lessons to make sure you are comfortable maintaining your dog’s new and improved behavior. With over 25 years of experience, we not only train dogs, but provide expert guidance and personal training. By understanding the causes, a custom program can be designed to correct the problems at its roots. • 1 - 60 minute refresher training sessions are available when booking your best friend in to stay with us. My old experiences of training were not working with this dog and I was being pulled into a power struggle of which I was Losing! . We want everyone to succeed so we promise to stick with you long after your dog goes home. Ellie is a much calmer dog around. Going for daily walks and still gets 2 training sessions a day at home. We brought home an entirely new dog. Weekly updates with video or photos so you can track your dog’s progress. offers clients a Board and Train dog training program that is convenient and beneficial for both dog and owner. No more cookie cutter dog training programs because we take the time to design one around you and your dog’s lifestyle. The best first step towards a well-behaved dog is professional training. is designed to give your dog a solid foundation into obedience commands, loose leash walking, impulse control exercises and recall. In Home Board and Train: The dog is kept in the trainer's home and becomes a part of the family. Thank you to the staff at Sunnidale for giving Jax so much love and taking care of him as if he were your own. Mitch, Tracey and Team Sunnidale who worked with our fur baby Asher. NOTE: Dogs who have bitten or have severe aggression to animals, must do the “Intensive 5 Week Board & Train” which is set up just like the “5 Week Board & Train” but your dog will be trained by our Senior Behaviorists.. Explore other popular Pets near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Results. Learn More. Bring your dog to stay in our home environment and we will train, socialize, exercise and return them to you fully trained. Board and train programs for dogs are intensive and may include several training sessions in one day. A personalized dog boarding and training bootcamp (a.k.a., boot camp for dogs, dog boarding school, or dog obedience boarding school) is ideal to train basic obedience, socialization, manners, and life skills. Our highly regarded Board & Train program is a great option for any dog! Our Board and Train program is not your typical board and train, during your dogs stay they live with the trainer and are trained throughout the day! California Dog Training is conveniently located in Riverside County, Temescal Valley, California. Once the private lessons … Dog training is more than teaching your dog to sit, heel, lay down, and come to you. He is so much more obedient now, more relaxed around guests and Nicole helped us too, walked us through what we were doing incorrectly. This program is perfect for dogs that do not have aggression or reactivity issues but need help becoming motivated to listen to what is being asked of them! Hank, was a very high energy puppy who never listened to me, was destructive, would jump up on people and bark all the time. I even took her out for a walk thru Bradford Greenhouses this week, and she listened so well. Discounts & Savings. This allows training that is for you dogs exact breed and energy level which gets amazing results. Keep your dog from jumping on guests and chewing up the furniture. We have 12 trainers and training assistance who work with you and your dog throughout their stay and after to ensure you achieve the goals you want. We are more than just a kennel in Temecula. Even if you never taught any other basic obedience commands, you’d still have a remarkably calm and pleasant dog by just playing these Impulse Control games with your dog. Educating the parents and family on what your dog has learned in balance dog training and how to continue dog training best practices at home for a life long happy family member.​. 4 Week Adult Dog Board and Train Includes Boarding, Training (2x daily), Collar, One FREE In Facility Group Class, Weekly Tests & Updates, Private Lessons During The Stay and 2 Followup Lessons per month for 3 months after completion. Boarding. Thank you Team Sunnidale for your knowledge and firm and loving hand. I cannot write enough praise for Nicole! She is so knowledgeable on the issues we were having with Asher and how to correct his behaviour. We rely on positive training methods based on scientific principles of learning. • 2 - 30 minute dog assessment sessions in our private. He stayed at Sunnidale while we were on vacation, it made it so much easier to leave him knowing he was in great hands. Dogs live in a home environment as part of our family. So worth the investment, thank you - I know Asher will be back soon!. From excessive barking to aggression, zero-in on what's causing specific behaviours. *e-collar or training tools not included. “I … This allows you to remain consistent with training practices and improve on you and your pets life together.​. We can even offer many levels of training while your dog is in our care. This program is also open for dogs without aggression issues where you want your dog to have a very solid understanding of all off leash obedience. Pick Up- We will work with you and your dog to show you the type of work and training that took place while your dog was with us for B&T. A HUGE thank you to the Sunnidale Boarding team! Initially I was a little hesitant to send Lucy when she was so little, she was just shy of 3 months when she arrived, but she clearly had a fabulous time and learned more than I thought a puppy could possibly learn. After speaking with Team Sunnidale we decided to put him in the Good Dog board and Train for 15 days. However, larger facilities may utilize several trainers throughout your pup’s stay. It can even be a great way to enrich a longer planned boarding stay while you go on vacation! The Dog Ranch’s Puppy Board and Training School will teach your pup the following: good manners, release word, ring bell for a potty break, drop it, find it, sit and watch me, rewarding calmness, name game, recall, how to walk nicely on a leash, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, go to your bed, and crate training. These need to be issues handled by you. The best thing about our Board and Train program is we can customize to your exact needs. See Contract for Details. Training and support for the life of your dog. Thanks to the team at Sunnidale Lucy is off to great start and she's looking forward to coming back to visit soon to learn even more! Day Train. We barely even recognize him!! Each program is tailored specifically to the goals of the owner and the needs of the dog. Schedule Your Dog’s Board & Train. Thanks everyone for taking such great care of Skye!!! Our customers come from all over the state of California: Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara. Midwest Dog Training serves a seven-state area with free door-to-door transportation. “I placed both my pit bull dogs in Every Dog as its Day board and train program. When we first brought our 1 year old Rottie, he was aggressive, jumpy, nippy, hard to walk, disobedient, and didn't listen to us. To add your dog to our waitlist, please call or fill out the contact form below and one of our trainers will reach out to you. Programs. Such as Salmon, Rabbit, Lamb, Duck or Venison. We are a dog training and boarding facility that is open all year long so there is no need to wait to have your canine ready for the hunt, to start obedience training, or just have a safe place to stay. Shield K9 Obedience and Behaviour Modification Seminars 2019. Dog Training Services | Maryland. Both my dogs have had absolutely amazing results. Home; Dog Training. It creates clear communication so that you can stop yelling, stop getting frustrated, and teach your dog how they fit in with your family. We believe in real world training with real results. Don't let the stresses of house-breaking, socializing and training overshadow these special months. Our professional dog trainers will do the work for you! I was amazed by how fast Ellie picked up on learning new things. Bring your dog to stay in our home environment and we will train, socialize, exercise and return them to you fully trained. They patiently answered all of my questions when I called, which was frequently, and I felt confident that he was in very good hands. All boarding costs, daycare, and socialization. Dogs who learn this way are reliable and can transfer easily to anyone else who uses the same methods. Nicole is VERY knowledgeable on training dogs. Design, eCommerce & Integration by City Sidewalk Marketing, Customizable program to address all of you’re training goals or needs from standard obedience to behavioural modification. Reviews Your dog may also be featured in one of our many videos. Our board and train program is an ideal option for anyone looking to have their dog trained for them. That’s My Dog! Train your dog and puppy with Sit Happens Dog Training. We will then show you what your dog has learned and train you on how to continue and maintain your dog’s training. I've been taking my 5 month old German Shepherd Quinn to Sunnidale for private lessons. 2751 4th Ave S. Industrial District. Board and Train-dogs will be picked up and dropped off by owner only, unless written permission is given to DK9 Academy for another person to handle your dog. We ensure your dog’s safety in a clean, dry, healthy, well-exercised, and happy environment. Watch our dog training videos and see our work. She's helped me get Quinn on the right track to being a calm balanced girl! It is the foundation of communication between you and your dog, and allows you to build a stronger relationship with your dog. Our standard program is 3 weeks. We work with all dogs – regardless of age, breed, or behavior. Since we have dogs traveling from out of state on a regular basis, we have limited availability. He lives in the trainer's home, 24/7. Multiple program options ensure the right fit for you and your pet’s needs. Board & Train . What your dog learns with us can be done with any member of your family. An effective program with a documented 99.5% success ratio! 3 and 6 week Board and Train programs offer a structured environment that produces obedient, well-balanced dogs. Enjoy this time and build a foundation for obedience early on. To find out more about this program and whether it is right for you, schedule your free demonstration today! I have a sixth month old puppy that was starting to fall into bad habits. on command, sit, lay down, stay, leave it, drop, wait at doors and place. Having access to your dog 24/7 allows the trainer to work with your pup in multiple situations. Let us help you unleash your dog’s full potential. He had no structure. Our staff is on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. $1800/2 weeks*, $2300/3 weeks*, $2800/4 weeks*, $3300/5 weeks* PLUS TAX ON ALL PROGRAMS. Board & Train is an ideal choice for those people who have trouble finding time to work with their dog, want to give them a jump start on good manners, or are dealing with a behavior issue that is difficult to handle on their own. I could never imagined doing this without the training Nicole gave to Ellie and me. The Advantage of the GOOD DOG Board N' Train at Sunnidale Boarding Kennels is that our staff will work on BEST PRACTICES during your dog stay for dog training. In addition, you will have access to our group training classes and mentoring for the life of your dog! West Sacramento Dog Training and Boarding Facility Elite Dogs Training and Boarding features comfortable and affordable air-conditioned and heated kennels plus a heated swimming pool. There’s one important reason to choose our board and train program over others - in our program the dog is NEVER kenneled. ALL board and train dogs are taught healthy social interaction with dogs and people. There is a extreme value in the outstanding dog training your pet … Our board and train program is an ideal option for anyone looking to have their dog trained for them. Boarding and training is the ultimate experience for you and your dog! He's now a happy dog. She know “how to speak to them,” and they respect her. When your dog is initially trained by a professional, they learn with the highest level of skill and 100% consistency; these programs will give you much better results, significantly faster than if you would train your dog yourself and include follow up sessions to ensure success. We offer professional dog and puppy training programs all over Metro Vancouver including: Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam. Unfortunately, dogs are not cars, and I cannot accurately predict how much time and effort is required to make improvement. Midwest Dog Training’s program produces remarkable results. And thank you Mitch and Tracey for such a clean, warm and welcoming place for us to find confidence and support for our newest member of the Family, Proper leash walking skills which includes loose leash heeling, Working around low to medium distractions on property. Facebook; Twitter; Gplus; 888-99-4DogCo (888-994-3642) | Local: 410-615-9034. Daily structured dog walking and obedience training reinforcement. We can now enjoy our time with our dog and couldn't be happier. Lots of love, affection, and positive reinforcement. Team Sunnidale has transformed him into a focused, controlled and obedient dog. In Board and Train, The Dog’s Best Interest Comes Last. The Board And Train Program Is A 14-Day Dog Training Package That Will Help You With Leashing Pulling, Aggression, High Energy, Attention, Recall, & More. We are so ecstatic with Jax's behavior after training with Team Sunnidale. Our dog training facility in Virginia offers various training programs including puppy training, potty training camps, behavior modification, obedience training, board and train camps, dog training classes, private in-home dog training, and more. And has given me the confidence to continue to working with Quinn on my own. His breeding lines were from working Rottweilers and that he was out of control because he felt he had no job or purpose. Bringing a puppy home is an exciting time. Our new puppy Lucy just completed the 21 Day Puppy Board N Train, and it was a huge success. What great Experience! 60 days FREE access to the online classroom. at sunnidale for 15 days, the staff were terrific with him. My older dog was a rescue and with some very rude habits. is for dogs that are displaying behavioural issues such as aggression towards people, severe leash reactivity, resource guarding and are struggling with anxiety/ fear issues. All exercise, play and training is done under the trainer’s direct supervision. We have an 11 month old chocolate lab named Hank. Enzo’s Acres Dog Training Specializes in canine behavior with over 30 years experience. We pride ourselves on being the BEST!" What we can do in 3 weeks might take some owners several months to learn, practice, and achieve. A great option for anyone going on vacation, busy with daily life, moving or just needing some time to relax. Ellie has learned how to walk properly (without pulling), jumping in and out of the car. Your dog will get one on one attention, attend group classes, go for walks, and of course have a blast playing in our facility and out at parks with us. All I can say is WOW! Being outside should be a pleasant and controlled experience for both you and your dog. Reactivity on leash towards humans, dogs and other animals, Working around medium/high distractions on and off property, Proper leash walking skills which can include reactivity issues towards humans and other animals, Working around medium/high distraction on and off property. These training sessions have exceeded any expectations I may have had. Keep your dog safe and put an end to embarrassing trips out in public. We can't wait to keep up the training in our own home environment as well as hopefully expand his horizons some more! The Board and Training program at All Dogs Unleashed is a 2-week program that’s conducted in a highly-structured environment. Find the best Dog Boarding and Training near you on Yelp - see all Dog Boarding and Training open now. S ervice Area. Group training classes for the life of your dog. Follow this link for Additional resources for dog owners. Our dog board and train programs are geared to have your dog respond on and off leash to your obedience commands under different levels of distraction. Amanda has broken her of these habits and has instilled in her to be polite and obedient. Team Sunnidale are miracle workers. We 100% trust you guys! With over 10 years of dog training experience, you can trust us to provide you with the training that is right for you. I was complimented several times on how well behaved she was. Again, these are not impulses that you can do a google search for “local dog trainers near me” and find. We had our first training session on Saturday with Nicole Having dogs my entire life did not prepare me for the experience of our six month old Golden Doodle named Redford. Thanks Team Sunnidale! Our professional dog trainers will do the work for you! Your dog will stay at in our new facility located on 16 acres in the country and will receive daily training, walks and socialization. The whole team at Sunnidale really made our pup feel at home and gave her the skills to be an incredibly well mannered dog! 5 WEEK BOARD AND TRAIN. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much Team Sunnidale for all your hard work and determination. He's obedient, calm, never jumps or barks. I called Sunnidale Kennels and booked 6 one-to-one training sessions with Team Sunnidale. Southern California, Northern California and Central California. Jax will miss you but he'll be back to visit. If I were taking $3000 from an owner and board and training a dog, I would feel immense pressure to “get the job done” and return a fixed dog. Because a dog is kept in the home, he will learn the basics of indoor living such as not surfing counters, house training and respecting invisible boundaries. Our board & train program is sought after all over the country. A great option for anyone going on vacation, busy with daily life, moving or just needing some time to relax. This program teaches your dog to respect your home and to stay calm around visitors. Hank has stayed at Sunnidale before and absolutely loves it. She truly has a gift for training dogs (and owners!). He's focused and driven and can co-exist in hectic environments.