A. SkinB. Single composition. An amalgamable silver-base metal powder containing about 8% to about 27% copper, 20% to about 32% tin, and the balance consisting essentially of silver, which upon admixture with about 42% to 54% mercury forms a dental amalgam of improved strength and corrosion resistance. Dental Amalgam restorative material composed of silver-based alloy mixed with mercury. From smooth atomized particlesD. with amalgam were most fracture resistant. However shear and tensile strengths are quite low. More than 85%. 4 hoursB. Minor contamination of an amalgam during the insertion procedure 10. Pushes the material together. Min. Less than 0.01%D. To characterize the development of strength during the setting process of dental silver amalgam in the context of ‘early strength’ measurements for standards compliance testing in relation to patient instructions, and demonstrate the applicability of the Hertzian ‘ball on disc’ method. Amalgam: Mixture of a metal or an alloy with Hg. Require more mercuryC. Diametral tensile strength, a more important factor in clinical fracture resistance, has been documented to be higher for gallium alloys. In non zinc containing dental amalgam alloy the percentage of zinc present is______________? Dental Amalgam is a restorative material which is made by combining Silver with mercury and other alloys to achieve the Ideal characteristics of a Dental Restoration.Dental Amalgam was first introduced in the 1820s and since then has been used by Dentists across the Globe thanks to its High Compressive Strength, High wear resistance and mainly its long term clinical results. According of ADA specification No or number 1, the minimum compressive strength for silver amalgam filling aftr one hour should be________________? In order to effectively seal the cavity the varnish should be water resistant, a property which is not achieved in some of the natural resin varnishes. Low tensile and compressive strengthB. Most amalgams have a high copper content. Compared to universal composite, flowables have a reduced filler content (37–53%) thereby exhibiting ease of handling, lower viscosity, compressive strength, wear resistance and greater polymerisation shrinkage. Inhibits hemoglobin synthesis, producing anemiaC. 4. generally have lower compressive strength. Example (cutting a piece of paper with scissors. # The dental amalgam is most resistant to: A. Compressive stress B. Therefore, amalgam should be supported by tooth structure for clinical success in the long term, which is approximately 10 to 20 years. STRENGTH • Resistance to compressive forces - most favorable strength feature of amalgam • Amalgam is strong in compression but weak in tensile AMALGAM COMP.STRENGTH (MPa) 1 HOUR 7 DAYS TENSILE STRENGTH 24 HOURS MPa LOW COPPER 145 343 60 ADMIXED 137 431 48 SPHERICAL SINGLE 262 510 64 COMPOSITION 37. MullingC. A. SphericalB. A. Silicate B. Chewing is an example. Deformation of set amalgam during functionC. This plastic mass hardens by the formation of solid reaction product phases. A metallic powder composed of silver, tin, copper and zincB. The main goal of this research is to investigate the effect of copper on compressive strength of dental amalgam. Less than 0.02%C. C) A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)in 1991-1993 concluded that amalgam is not safe for human use. Amalgam C. Composite D. Gold # Which of the following constituents of amalgam alloy decreases expansion? It has the strongest compressive and tensile strength out of all the linings, thus it can withstand amalgam condensation in high stress bearing areas such as class II cavities. Therefore, this test is applied to compare dental amalgam, impression materials, investments and cements. 3 minutesD. After a generous working time, a bright, smooth-carving amalgam is produced. 1 for composition of amalgam alloy recommends, A. The solid solution of silver and mercury is called_______________? 80 Mpa B. Increase in the residual mercury in silver amalgam filling can_____________? 1-2 daysB. A. Compressive strengthB. Maximum matrix and minimum alloy phaseD. Wet corrosionB. The dental amalgam must be strong enough to withstand forces during function, and ideally develop early strength so that it is not damaged before it is fully set. compressive stress and strain. Mcq Added by: EHAB KHAN. Trituration time. What is used to triturate capsulated dental materials? Tooth colored Restorative Dental Materials are being used more profusely in Dentistry as the need for Aesthetics has increased and the tooth colored materials are having similar properties to materials like Amalgam. Creep value of which of the following is the highest ?